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Image shows two covers, the one on the left the cover for the policy brief and the one on the right is for the report

The Client

Georgetown Institute of Women, Peace and Security



Addressing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence Through Multilateral Sanctions, Report and Brief


The Task

Earlier this year, Georgetown University’s Institute for Women Peace and Security (GIWPS) sought custom design and editing services for an academic report and policy brief about the use of multilateral sanctions to address conflict-related sexual violence. The report launched at a GIWPS event exploring accountability for sexual violence in conflict.


The Solution

WCM editors completed two rounds of edits followed by a round of  proofreading on both the report and policy brief, working with the institute’s researchers to refine and polish each piece. Our designers, who had previously created templates to tie together GIWPS’ publications, utilized the branding we established to create cohesion between the paper and brief, with the body of the text, pull-quotes, and images balanced for visual appeal. The print version of the report was uniquely and thoughtfully designed with notes pages built-in so readers could use these documents in real-time policy discussions. 



We are proud to produce publications that assist international policymakers and peacekeepers. WCM works with our clients on a wide variety of projects, and academic reports are just one of our specialties. In this collaboration with GIWPS, we provided services including: Report Layout & Design, Brief Layout & Design, Substantive Editing, Proofreading, Project Management, Printing and Shipping Management.

Two images of the interior of the sanctions rreport